Get Hits 4 Education Foundation is about more than just a game. It’s about taking the lessons learned in the game, and applying them to all other aspects of life. This process begins with education both on the field and in the classroom. With Get Hits 4 Education Foundation, athletes acquire and develop the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Jordan Brown, University of Kansas


“What I love about baseball? I love how much you have to work at it, and it finally pays off in the end. In baseball, there’s a lot off ailure and Karl helps you deal with that. If you fail sometimes in life, that’s okay, you can just pick back up. I think the work ethic and dedication in baseball transfers over to school and life. I definitely plan on staying involved with Get Hits 4 Education, probably asking to help coach after I’m done playing.” – Jordan Brown

Nate Tenbrink, Kansas State University

“Get Hits 4 Education staff knows a lot about baseball – from the littlest things of playing the game right, to most importantly, respecting the game. Besides knowing just the physical tools of baseball, they also know the mentality of going out there and playing 100%, playing good defense, playing the game right, playing hard all the time. Respecting the game – it’s key, because it’s just about respecting everybody in life. With baseball you learn that to treat people how you want to be treated and about being responsible. Get Hits 4 Education puts an emphasis on school, because if you’re good in school, you’re going to be able to go to the best college possible. With me being pretty smart in school and good in baseball, it gave me the opportunity to go to a Division 1 and Big 12 school – Kansas State University – and that’s what got me to where I am now. Karl always said, there are many opportunities in life. Baseball only gives you one.  He was telling us we needed good grades to take advantage of that opportunity and get recruited by all those schools.” –Nate Tenbrink

D’Andre Heggie, 2011 Graduate

“My first impression of Get Hits 4 Education Foundation – I liked the organization. There’s focus – the goal is to pull the best that they can out of these kids, they seem like they are genuinely interested in the kids. They’re trying to provide everything, opening up the facility to the kids so they can work out. I like the facility, I like the individual coaching that they take – I like the one-on-one training… Most of all, Karl knows academics come first. Academics are especially important for these young people. I like that these kids realize that academics come first, and then, if I still apply myself with baseball, I can get an education and still have fun playing ball in college, and get scholarships. I like how the organization takes them to showcases, the scouts go there, and they contact Karl about the kids. I can tell it’s a business for Karl. It’s like he’s working for these kids, working to get whatever he can for these kids – the best coaching, the best education. I’m really impressed.” –Annette Heggie